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RevTechPlus Weather Analysis

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Learn more about RevTechPlus Weather Analysis

RevTechPlus now offers the most innovated daily weather reporting system in the golf business.  RevTechPlus weather analysis is just another way RevTechPlus is striving to help operators improve revenues and manage their facility.


How It Works:

RevTechPlus clients receive a daily email with an attached weather report specifically setup for their facility and location. The report contains many useful pieces of information for use in managing your facility. 

Please see below for a breakdown of these items.


Click Here Download Example Report


Report Breakdown:


Page 1: 7 day weather summary with YOY comparisons.


Page 1 to include:

 Weather Rating - Rating from 0 (poor) to 100 (perfect) indicating golf weather index

 Low Temperature

 High Temperature

 Average Wind Speed

 Average Precipitation Chance

 Daily Playable Rounds

 Total Playable Rounds for the next 7 days


Pages 2 - 8:  Daily Breakdown by hour for the next 7 days


Page 2 to include:

Weather by Hour - Weather Rank, Real Feel Temp, Wind Speed, Precipitation Chance

Tee Sheet Utilization by Hour

Average Online Posted Price for each Rate Type(s)


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