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What Type of Operator Are You?

There are 4 types of operators we work best with...

Type 1 -  The operator that understand the importance of managing online tee times. This person spends a large percentage of his/her day micro-managing their tee sheet to maximize sales of their online tee times. Due to the amount of time being spent on the management of his/her tee times - the operator misses out on other opportunities at their facility.

The professionals at RevTechPlus are the industry's best revenue managers. We work 24/7 to maximize your tee time sales. Utilizing a patent pending process - your tee times are guaranteed to be posted correctly based upon over a dozen variables. The operator is now freed up to go about their other tasks with confidence in knowing the best in the business have their backs.

Type 2 -  The operator that knows online tee times are important but doesn't know how to manage them. This person generally signs up with an online tee time company but does nothing to maximize their sales. This operator usually "sets and forgets" their online tee time prices.

RevTechPlus will help this operator to maximize and sell more times than ever before; without the operator having to learn the science. Once a RevTechPlus client; This course operator will now be able to go about their business as RevTechPlus applies dynamic pricing throughout the day. This operator will get the maximum benefit with very little effort put forth.

Type 3 -  The operator that is resistant to online tee times, and likes things the "old-fashioned" way. He/she has resisted the online tee time trend, but realizes that they need to do something to attract new players but does not know how to get started.

RevTechPlus has helped many courses transition from paper tee sheet and no online presence to become the top sellers in their markets. We love helping clubs gain new customers, grow databases and implement new ideas.

Type 4 - The operator that knows online times are important but feels they are getting too entrenched with third party resellers. This operator wants to take control of his/her tee sheet to gain independence from a third party. However, the operator does not know how to do this, and feels trapped with their current setup

One key metric that RevTechPlus monitors is the booking ratio from your website to third party websites. We help clubs drive traffic to their course website booking engine to become less reliant on third party resellers. RevTechPlus has improved this ratio for every client into a healthy range - some so much that they have been able to become entirely independent with bookings from their website.


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