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Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owner’s Association Partners with RevTechPlus

Beginning January 1st, 2018, all 76 Myrtle Beach Area golf courses will begin utilizing RevTechPlus’ proprietary revenue management software to manage their tee time rates.

Franklin, OH – December 18, 2017 – RevTechPlus announced today a partnership with the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association.  The partnership will provide all MBAGCOA courses access to RevTechPlus’ self-admin revenue management system. Allowing all 76 golf courses to accurately manage their tee time rates in real-time, which will in return increase their utilization and overall revenue at each of their facilities.
Tracy Conner, Executive Director of the MBAGCOA stated, “We are very excited to work with RevTechPlus to provide our golf courses the best technology available to manage their tee time rates.  We spent nearly a year evaluating all the available options out there and found RevTechPlus’ system to be perfect for our needs.  We are looking forward to seeing great results for our Myrtle Beach Area golf courses.”

RevTechPlus has already begun the process of implementing the system as well as training course managers on the software.  RevTechPlus CEO Tom Barnhart said, “We are ecstatic that the MBAGCOA chose our system to implement across the market.  Our goal has always been to provide the best pricing tools available and have worked closely with the Myrtle Beach Area courses to customize our product to fit their specific needs.  We have worked with 20+ clubs in the market over the past two years with great results, and I have no doubt that the other 50+ golf courses will see the same amazing results as well.  The Myrtle Beach market will not only use our technology to implement pricing strategies to their online tee time rates, but will also be using the tools to manage all of their rates across all of their distribution channels. Including; reservations by phone, walk-up, travel and package providers. This partnership is going to generate millions more in golf revenue for the Myrtle Beach golf market.”

MBAGCOA will also be working closely with Chris Hendrick (President of Summit Golf Services) to provide detailed market data analysis.  Chris said, “The combination of the data analysis combined with RevTechPlus’ pricing tool is going to yield great results for the Myrtle Beach Golf Course Owners.  RevTechPlus has done an amazing job putting together a revenue management tool that is complex enough to handle every course’s specific needs while being simple enough for the course operator to quickly manage.  I am very much looking forward to working with Tracy and Tom on this project.”
RevTechPlus is at the forefront of providing revenue management services in the golf industry.  Founded in 2013 by Tom Barnhart, PGA Master Professional in Golf Operations, RevTechPlus supplies personalized revenue management and marketing services such as; website creation and design, email marketing, social media management and graphic design services for over 150+ golf courses in the US and Canada.  Learn more about RevTechPlus at

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