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Online Revenue Management


RevTechPlus offers the industry's most talented revenue managers using the
most state of the art technology to manage your tee sheet 24/7. 
Results beyond your wildest expectations are the norm.
Revenue Mgmt

What Is Revenue Management?


Revenue Management is the application of analytics that predicts consumer behavior at the micro-market level. This data is used to optimize product availability and prices to maximize revenue growth. The primary aim of Revenue Management is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price. The essence of this discipline is understanding the customer’s perception of product value and properly aligning product prices, placement, and availability.​ Learn More

RevTechPlus offers Revenue Management that anticipates demand and adjusts pricing to manage yield and rate to maximize revenues. 

RevTechPlus Weather Analysis


RevTechPlus now offers the most innovative daily weather reporting system in the golf business. RevTechPlus weather analysis is just another way RevTechPlus strives to help operators improve revenues and manage their facility.


Receive daily weather reports specifically set up for your facility and location. This report contains useful information for managing your facility. Learn More

Tom Barnhart - RevTechPlus Owner & CEO

Tom grew up as an accomplished golfer in SW Pennsylvania. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Professional Golf Management, Tom managed some of the top clubs in the Midwest. While General Manager at Shaker Run Golf Club in Ohio, he earned the distinction of PGA Master Professional in Golf Operations in 2009.


Tom also worked a year with GolfNow where he learned the behind the scenes of the online tee time world and he utilizes this experience on a daily basis. Being a numbers and technology person, online tee times came naturally to him. He loves spending time analyzing spreadsheets and helping golf courses improve their revenues and overall operation.


Before starting RevTechPlus, Tom was the Senior Director of Revenue Management for a Midwest-based golf course management company. Achieving great results at every position, Tom decided to branch off on his own to create a company to assist golf courses with all of today’s necessary items to be successful. Tom is known as the ‘Tee Time Wizard’ in the golf industry. Give him a call anytime you’d like to talk about generating more revenues!


Tom resides in Middletown, OH with his lovely wife Mandy and five children (four are quadruplets!)

Tom Barnhart


PGA Master Golf Professional

Phone: (937) 212 - 3694


CEO Profile

Imagine if your assistant could do all of this...

Revenue Manage your Tee Times - Create a Complete Marketing Schedule - Provide the Campaign Content - Personally Adjust your Rates 96x/day - Fill your Tee Sheet 24/7 - Implement your E-Marketing Plan - Constantly keep your Website up-to-date - Increase Revenue from Dormant Sources - Manage all of your Technology Services

What could you accomplish?

This is exactly what we do for you at RevTech Plus. If you want to increase revenue and still spend more time with your golfers - then RevTechPlus is for you. We Guarantee your Revenues will Increase...Or We Will Fire Ourselves!

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Contact Tom Barnhart PGA Master Professional and Founder of RevTechPlus and learn more about how RevTechPlus can work for you!

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