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DSS CourseTrends Announces Partnership With RevTechPlus

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - May 07, 2015) - DSS CourseTrends announced today that it has entered into a partnership with RevTechPlus as part of an exciting cooperative venture that is expected to greatly benefit both companies.

The new partnership will allow DSS CourseTrends to benefit from RevTechPlus' innovative tee time revenue management and dynamic pricing services while simultaneously allowing RevTechPlus and its client courses to be assisted by DSS CourseTrends' vast online tee time distribution and marketing resources, including The Golf18 Network.

"We're looking forward to working closely with CEO Tom Barnhart and RevTechPlus," said Jay Warnock, Vice President of The Golf18Network. "From yield management to dynamic pricing, the innovative tee time management services offered by RevTechPlus are proven to help golf courses perform at high levels."

RevTechPlus is an Ohio-based company consisting of the three components that make up its name. Rev is for revenue management, Tech is for technology, and Plus is for marketing plans that coincide with the technology and revenue management.

"Since I first founded RevTechPlus we've worked hard to seek out effective ways to assist the courses we work with in managing revenue, selling tee times and marketing online," said Barnhart. "Partnering with DSS CourseTrends is an exciting way to ensure our clients continue to perform among the best in the industry."

DSS CourseTrends is the leading online provider of golf marketing solutions, currently working with more than 2,500 clients throughout North America.


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For more information contact CourseTrends at 512-236-0060.

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