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RevTechPlus Pricing

Our clients see an average return of 6 - 10 times their investment.

RevTechPlus Pricing and Marketing Platform

Cost: $1500.00 Per Month Includes revenue management and marketing platform. Social Media management is an additional $200.00 per month.

RevTechPlus Pricing Only Platform

Cost: $1000.00 Per Month Incudes:

  1. Daily Revenue Management of Online Tee Time

    1. Web checks and rate adjustments utilizing proprietary pricing system​

    2. Constant monitoring of tee time sales and reporting

    3. Access to daily historical weather comparisons back to 1951

    4. Daily statistical weather reporting

    5. Daily tee sheet utilization reporting

RevTechPlus Marketing Only Platform

Cost: $1000.00 Per Month Incudes:

  1. Weekly Email Marketing Campaigns​

  2. Website Hosting

  3. Email database growth management

    1. Program creation and implementation​

  4. Professional creation of marketing collateral​

    1. signage for clubhouse​

    2. cart signs

    3. bounce back coupons

    4. table tents

    5. posters/flyers

RevTechPlus Social Media Management

Cost: $200.00 Per Month Incudes:

  1. Monthly Social Media Marketing Plan

  2. Daily Social Media Posts

  3. Cross Channel Promotions

  4. Latest Course News & Upcoming Events

  5. Contests and Sweepstakes

  6. Promotional Codes / Coupons

  7. Fun & relevant videos, Memes & Golf News 

Contact Us

Learn more about becoming a RevTechPlus client today!

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Let us apply our technology to maximize your online revenue.

Full statistical review of key revenue metrics, including: analytics, conversion rates, RevPATT, APR, utilization and yield management.

Most Important Variables:
Weather by hour | Conversion Rate | Utilization Rate | RevPatt (Revenue Per Available Tee Time)
APR (Average Rate Per Round) | Competitor Rates | Trade Liquidation | Website Analytics


You set parameters! - Max and Min

 - Tell us the max and min of any specific tee times, and we can set the parameters.

 - Ensure your prices never sell above or below a specific price.

 - Ensure all of your rate types are priced in alignment with each other.

 - Pricing strategies available for all rate types (public, senior, 9 hole...etc.


A Proven System with Proven Results

Our system works at all types of facilities: Public, Municipal, Semi-Private, High-End, and Affordable Fee. If you have tees and greens, our system will work for you too!


 - 100% Success Rate!

 - All of our clients are top performers in their markets.

 - RevTechPlus clients see an average increase of 225% in online sales during the first year of service.

 - Improve your APR and RevPATT

 - APR - Average Price Per Round

 - RevPATT - Revenue Per Available Tee Time


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